12 Best Cigars Sampler Boutique Premium Cigar Samplers An Over $79 Value


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12 Cigar Best Boutique Premium Cigar samplers for only $59.99 (an over $79 Value). THIS IS THE LATEST SAMPLER PACK WITH ALL THE HIGHLY RATED BOUTIQUE PREMIUM CIGARS YOU WANT! Perfect for those who want a cigar sampler of the different and unique tastes of the cigars available from Cuban Crafters. These are some of our best cigars and are arranged in the samplers based on their taste. From Mild to Full-Body... you get the full cigar spectrum.

This Special Cigar Sampler Pack brings everything from CONTRABAND to MEDINA 1959 Miami Edition cigars. A total of 12 of the best boutique premium cigars available anywhere. An over $79 value for only $59.99. This Discount cigar deal is an exceptional value . Try them all and decide which are your favorites.

From Mild to Full-Bodied taste, these Samplers includes some of the world’s best cigars. Each cigar is totally handmade the old Cuban way, in small batches using the finest Cuban Seed tobacco. Each cigar goes through a seven-part labor intensive process. This makes all the difference. Their unique and exquisite tastes are unmatched. After experiencing each cigar, you will also agree that it was well worth the extra effort.