Acid Nasty 4 X 52 Box of 24 CIgars


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Product Description

ACID Nasty are exotic premium hand made cigars, infused with over 100 botanical oils and herbs. Acid Nasty cigars are aromatic with a delightful taste and smell that is pleasing to all the senses. They are unique-looking Maduro figurados draped in an intensely oily maduro wrapper. The smoke surrounds you with scents of roses, then finishes with hints of cocoa that excite the palate. The flavor and aroma are exquisite. They are hand made in Esteli, Nicaragua by master artisans in "La Gran Fabrica".

Each cigar is made with the finest opulent long leaf tobacco that is hand picked and inspected to ensure a consistant quality that is unmatched. The Drew Estate ACID Nasty has a length of 4 inches and a ring gauge of 52. Each cedar box brings 24 cigars.

When you buy this box of Acid cigars you get a free Cuban Crafters black metal Perfect Cutter ($29.99 Value). Never guess how much of the cigar’s head you need to cut for a perfect smoking cigar, this Perfect Cutter automatically does it for you. It has a black matte anodized aluminum body that makes it the lightest weight Perfect cigar cutter.

In the late 90’s Jonathan Drew moved to Esteli, Nicaragua with ambitions of starting a revolution in the cigar world. With only a few artisans and a dream, Jonathan Drew set out to accomplish what he had long been fantasizing about. Meanwhile in Brooklyn, his partner Marvin was keeping things together in a run down office. After some time Jonathan returned to Brooklyn with several revolutionary blends for the next Drew Estate release. Both Marvin and Jonathan knew that with such amazing blends, they would need equally as amazing artwork for their new line of cigars.

That is when Scott “ACID” Chester, an artist in the D.U.M.B.O. scene who’s merging of industrial, urban graffiti and motorcycle art would make the perfect blend of art for the perfect blend of tobacco. Drew Estate's “ACID” line of cigars is the culmination of sacrifice, pure genius and brilliant art. Drew Estate cigars are as unique and amazing as the individuals who created them.