Arturo Fuente Exquisitos Natural Cigarillo Cigar 33 X 4 1/2 Box of 50 Cigars


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Product Description

Arturo Fuente Exquisitos have all that wonderful Arturo Fuente cigars quality but in a small, medium-bodied, long filler cigar, handrolled inside a naturally sweet, natural wrapper. These petit cigarillos are perfect with coffee, lunch breaks, or whenever you have the time to enjoy a short yet very flavorful smoke.

Arturo Fuente Exquisitos cigars are 4 1/2 inches with a ring gauge of 33 and come packed 50 cigars in a box. Arturo Fuente cigars are remarkable in construction and taste we at Cuban Crafters are proud to offer this fantastic stick to cigar afficionados everwhere.