Beck Quality Cigars - Gran Cameroon El Jefe Cigar - Primera Edicion - 6 inches long x 60 ring gauge


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QUALITY CIGARS. After years of crafting and aging BECK cigars, they are finally available for your smoking pleasure. These fine cigars are for smokers who enjoy an opulent and complex creamy taste that is buttery with hints of nutmeg, mild spices and oak. BECK Gran Cameroon Primera Edicion EL JEFE cigars are skillfully hand made by master rollers with many years of experience. These exclusive cigars are hand made in small batches and in very limited quantities. Every medium bodied BECK cigar combines the finest Cameroon wrapper with exceptional quality Cuban Seed Habano tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli. The Long-Filler and Binder are virgin sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano tobacco that was fermented 5 times before being hand rolled. The exquisite cigars are 6” long and have a large ring gauge of 60. They are handmade the old fashioned Cuban way and are meticulously finished. A unique and extraordinary smoking experience is guaranteed by Cuban Crafters’ Full Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. 25 Cigars are hand packed in a quality cedar box.

1850 was the year that started the golden era of quality cigar making in Cuba. It is when C.E. Beck y Ca. (C.E. Beck and Company) was founded and began making some of Cuba’s finest cigars. BECK, as they were called, quickly established a following. C.E. Beck y Ca made their elite premium cigars medium-bodied and with an extremely flavorful, almost buttery taste. The taste was a result of careful curing and aging of every tobacco leaf used for the cigar. From royalty to aristocrats, BECK became the cigar of choice. Each cigar was totally made by hand and a work of art. Cigar connoisseurs can again enjoy those great and flavorful cigars that C.E. Beck y Ca made famous in Cuba years ago. BECK by Tabacalera Esteli has that same mellow and flavorful medium-bodied taste that made the originals so desirable. The bouquet will have you reminiscing of the special cigars that were made in the Cuba of the past. Each is totally made by hand and a true work of art. You too can now enjoy the preferred cigar of nobility. Take pleasure in the quality and taste.