Berger Argenti Entubar CRV Torpedo Cigar 56 X 6 7/8 Box of 20 Cigars


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Product Description

The Entubar CRV (Connecticut River Valley) Torpedo Cigar is a medium to full flavored super-premium extension of the sensational Entubar cigar brand from Berger Argenti. Blended with flavorful, deeply aged Nicaraguan and Dominican tobaccos ensconced in a U.S. Connecticut #1 Grade Shade-Grown wrapper, Entubar CRV Torpedo cigars are rich, bold and complex yet very smooth and creamy.

Entubar CRV cigars are the latest Entubar brand extension to pay tribute to the time-honored Cuban cigar making technique known as 'entubado' while also establishing a revolutionary new process of manufacturing premium cigars.

Each deeply age Nicaraguan filler leaf is carefully rolled into itself creating delicate 'scrolls' of rich, flavorful tabacco. This age-old method ensures open chambers of air flow from the foot to the head of the cigar, creating a superior draw. The ligero tobacco leaves that lend the cigar its unique full body, is bunchced 'entubar' independently from the rest of the blend before it's 're-bunched' directly into the center of the remaining 'entubar' rolled filler blend.

The Torpedo cigar is 6 7/8 in length with a gauge of 56. 20 cigars come in the rustic Spanish cedar boxes.