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WHOLESALE CIGAR PRICES directly to the cigar smoker. Nicaragua Habano Toro Cigars from Tabacalera Esteli are made from extremely aged medium-filler tobacco, all from the farm in Esteli, Nicaragua. The wrapper and binder are fine habano leaves. The filler is Cuban seed habano, cuban sandwich style. It is TOTALMENTE HECHO A MANO (totally made by hand). The cigars are mild to the soft side of medium in body and taste with mildly spicy and nutmeg undertones. It is a Mellow smoke with a fragrant bouquet. Toro size cigars are 6 inches long with a ring gauge of 52. They are hand packed in a bundle of 25 cigars.

Impressive Toro cigars for the price! That’s what those who smoke them say. Nicaragua Habanos Toro Cuban sandwich cigar bundles are made from extremely aged Cuban seed habano tobacco from Tabacalera Esteli. They're Cuban Sandwich style cigars that are completely hand made with aged Cuban-seed Boquilla tobacco wrapped in long-fillers and then enveloped in a rich binder and wrapper. Their taste and perfect burn is where they exceed your expectations.