Boutique Premium Churchill Cigar Sampler in a Cedar Box of 5


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Product Description

In this sampler pack you will get a great combination of Churchill cigars.

The J. L. Salazar Natural is a silky, smooth and perfectly hand made cigar. Its distinguished complex taste is full-bodied with well balanced sweet floral flavors and hints of mild spices, cocoa, coffee and chocolate.

The Don Kiki Green, aged for 3 years. It's a consistently good, high quality mild cigar that is hand made in small batches and in limited quantities with aged long-filler tobacco. The filler and binder are sun grown Cuban-Seed Habano. The Wrapper is a claro Shade-Grown Brazilian Mata Fina.

The medium bodied Medina 1959 and Presidential are filled with delightful tastes of toasted nuts, mild spices and smooth waves of butterscotch with sweet malt cream that coats your mouth and keeps you hoping it never ends.  The Cuban-seed Habano long-filler and binder are aged for 6 years and the super-premium Cuban-seed wrapper is aged for at least 5 years.

The Cubano Claro Churchill is hand made by our best Cuban trained rollers. While the process is long and laborious, once you taste them and see their perfect construction, you will say that it's worth it. The Cubano Claro Churchills start with a medium body taste that is sophisticated and full of sweet spices and toasted nuts. It then builds fuller in body with smooth and creamy notes of coffee, sweet layers of nutmeg and tinges of butter. The finish is full of complex tastes surrounded by light layers of white chocolate.

From Mild to Medium taste, these Samplers includes some of the world’s best cigars. Each cigar is totally handmade the old Cuban way, in small batches using the finest Cuban Seed tobacco. Each cigar goes through a seven-part labor intensive process. This makes all the difference. Their unique and exquisite tastes are unmatched. After experiencing each cigar, you will also agree that it was well worth the extra effort.