Calixto Lopez Toro Cigar Maduro Medium Body 6 X 50 Cedar Box of 20


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Maduro Toro cigar by Calixto Lopez is proof that a cigar that was previously made in Cuba can be hand made outside of Cuba and taste even better than its predecessor. It's hand made in Nicaragua with pure Cuban-seed long-fillers; the rich Ligero tobacco is from Esteli, the Seco tobacco is from the Jalapa Valley and the Viso tobacco is from the volcanic island of Ometepe. It's all bound together with a virgin Sumatra leaf from Ecuador and enveloped in a black Cuban-seed Maduro leaf from Nicaragua that was aged for 5 years.

You can feel and see the rich oils on the wrapper, enticing and preparing you for a wonderful smoking experience. This blend of exotic tobaccos produce a creamy complex taste like nothing you have smoked before. It starts with smooth notes of leather, vanilla cream and floral notes. It then transforms adding sweet tobacco and cocoa breezes. The creamy complex taste develops further and brings in deep cocoa and white chocolate notes with floral touches to make the finish truly memorable.

It's a Maduro Toro cigar for the true aficionado, totally hand made by Cuban trained Master Rollers with years of experience. While you may want to save these Toros for special occasions, we priced them low enough to make them your daily cigar. Each Toro is 6 inch with a ring gauge of 50. 20 Toro cigars are packed in a cedar box.

Calixto Lopez opened the Calixto Lopez Cigar Factory in Cuba during the 19th century. The cigars that carried his name were considered some of Cuba's best. As his cigars made their way into the hands of aficionados throughout the world, his reputation escalated. In the early 1900's his cigars earned some of the most prestigious awards available, including the Grand Prize at the St. Louis World's Fair of 1904 as the world's finest Havana cigar. His talents as a cigar maker were officially recognized when the Cuban government named one of the best tobacco growing regions in Pinar Del Rio the Calixto Lopez Region.

These Toro cigars are hand made using his traditional Cuban cigar making techniques and after you smoke them, you'll agree that they honor his name.