Camacho Cigar Sampler 10 Different Cigars


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This Special Cigar Sampler Pack brings everything from the Camacho Corojo to the Camacho Triple Maduro. A total of 10 of their best cigars. It includes the Corojo Robusto, Figurado, and Gigante; the Connecticut Figurado and Gordo; the Criollo Figurado and Gigante; the Ecuador Figurado and Gordo; and the Triple Maduro Figurado. This Discount cigar deal is an exceptional value and comes in a special edition Camacho sampler box of 10 hand packed cigars. Try them all and decide which are your favorite Camachos. THERE IS A LIMIT OF 2 CAMACHO CIGAR SAMPLERS PER CUSTOMER.

Camacho cigars are highly ranked. They're considered some of the world's best premium cigars. Renowned for their extra-flavorful blends, they are created with tobaccos grown exclusively in Honduras' fertile Jamastran Valley. Every Camacho cigar assures you a hearty, well-balanced smoke of superior quality. If you love full-flavored cigars, Camacho cigars are must-smokes that deserve to be part of your regular rotation.