Camacho Standard Issue Gordo Single Cigar 6 x 60


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Camacho cigars are ranked highly among the world's best handmade premium cigar brands. Renowned for their extra-flavorful blends created with tobaccos grown exclusively in Honduras' fertile Jamastran valley, every Camacho cigar assures you a hearty, well-balanced smoke of superior quality. If you love full-flavored cigars, Camacho cigars are must-smokes that deserve to be part of your regular rotation.

The BG Meyer Standard Issue is a 100% Nicaraguan blend hand-built by Agro Industrias Laepe S.A., in Danli, Honduras. The cigar is a medium to full intensity smoke featuring five different tobaccos that have aged for up to 8 years.

This is one medium to full-bodied, the wrapper is a Habano and the Binder and filler is from Nicaragua. The Standard Issue Gordo is 6 inches with a ring gauge of 60 and now they are available as single cigars.

The only downside is the limited quantities that come along with a blend this unique and masterful. Make sure you get your supply today from Cuban Crafters Cigars.