Chateau Real Noble Habana Claro 5.25 X 54 Box of 25 Cigars


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Product Description

The Chateau Real Noble Habana Claro is Drew Estate's success at creating a modern day paradigm, while maintaining pre-embargo style clear Havana blends. Hand made in Nicaragua by adept artisans, each Chateau Real is constructed carefully with hand selected blends of the highest grade tobacco. The quality of each cigar is unmatched, with its silky smooth wrapper, refined binder and carefully hand selected blends of long filler tobacco. Chateau Real Cigars are sure to excite even the pickiest of connoisseurs. Chateau Real is a true testament of what premium cigars should be. The Chateau Real Noble Habana Claro has a length of 5.25 inches and a ring gauge of 54.

In the late 90’s Jonathan Drew moved to Esteli, Nicaragua with ambitions of starting a revolution in the cigar world. With only a few artisans and a dream, Jonathan Drew set out to accomplish what he had long been fantasizing about.  Meanwhile, in Brooklyn, Marvin was keeping things together in a run down office. Trying to gather as much funds as he could, Marvin was set on doing anything he could to keep the operation going. After some time, Jonathan returned to Brooklyn with several revolutionary blends for the next Drew Estate release.

Both Marvin and Jonathan knew that with such amazing blends, they would need equally as amazing artwork for their new line of cigars. That is when Scott “ACID” Chester, an artist in the D.U.M.B.O. scene who’s merging of industrial, urban graffiti and motorcycle art would make the perfect blend of art for the perfect blend of tobacco. Drew Estate's “ACID” line of cigars is the culmination of sacrifice, pure genius and brilliant art; they are as unique and amazing as the individuals who created them.

MILD. Upon lighting the cigar, you will notice a natural, sweet spice aroma and a mild tobacco taste. As you draw in smoke, the blended long fillers start to make an appearance, followed by tones of leather, cedar and cashews. Floral notes of lavender are also present in the complex synchronization of flavors, along with rich creamy smoke. The Chateau Real Noble Habana Claro has a length of 5.25 inches and a ring gauge of 54.