Cigar Oasis EXCEL Electronic Humidor Humidifier


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Product Description

Cigar Oasis XL is a small automatic electronic humidor humidifier that's good for any size humidor, up to 300 cigar capacity. Just plug it in and it's ready to keep your cigars at the perfect humidity level for a whole year without having to refill it. It uses a paper thin power cord that fits between the hinges on the back of the humidor.  The hygrometer displays the humidity in the humidor and allows you to set it at the desired level. It comes factory set at 70% Relative Humidity and is fully adjustable to any level you desire. The Cigar Oasis EXCEL comes with a refillable, replaceable water cartridge that will last up to one year before it needs water again, depending on how often the humidor is opened. Imagine filling up your humidor with distilled water only once a year. The Cigar Oasis EXCEL electronic humidor humidifier monitors the humidity level and uses a quiet fan to filter and circulate the humid air in the humidor, eliminating musty odors and providing an even level of humidity for all the cigars in your humidor. The EXCEL is 6 inches long x 2 wide x 3.5 high.

•It's fully guaranteed. Cuban Crafters is an authorized distributor of Cigar Oasis. Cigar Oasis was developed in 1997 after an extensive marketing and research program to make a reliable, maintenance-free humidifier. It was introduced in July 1998. It's considered the only truly reliable cabinet humidor humidifier for serious cigar smokers.