Cigar Oasis Magna Cigar Humidor Humidifier


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Product Description

The new Cigar Oasis MAGNA is an electronic cigar humidifier, which accurately controls the humidity for large armoires and display cases. The top part of the unit has powerful fans to distribute moisture to the humidor when necessary. Two external fans attach to the remote and run continuously to circulate air in the humidor. The humidity control is factory set at 70% RH, but is fully adjustable to suit your needs. When the humidity drops below the desired level, a green LED light turns on and the humidity fans turn on to raise the humidity. This allows the Cigar Oasis MAGNA to always keep your cigars fresh. The remote display has a six foot extension that can be located wherever the user wishes to mount the display with control buttons to set the humidity and from here the external fans are powered. When humidity drops below set point for over two hours, the display flashes indicating low water or major leak in humidor.

•Remote display and humidity adjustments controls.

•Water reservoir is user refillable.

•Includes circulation fans to maintain uniform humidity.

•Suitable for large humidors, cabinet, display cases and other big humidor up to 60 cubic feet of cigar holding space.

•Uses distilled water.

•It's fully guaranteed.

Cuban Crafters is an authorized distributor of Cigar Oasis. Dimensions are 13 inches long x 6.5 wide x 6 high. Cigar Oasis was developed in 1997 after an extensive marketing and research program to make a reliable, maintenance-free humidifier. It was introduced in July 1998. It's considered the only truly reliable cabinet humidor humidifier for serious cigar smokers.