Crystal Ashtray Modern Crystal Cigar Ashtrays 4 Cigars Gift Box


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Product Description

CRYSTAL ashtray is futuristic and cutting edge. This crystal cigar ashtray features a windproof deep dish for ashes and four cigar grooves that are in a unique angle to balance your cigar. This ashtray is built for the smoker who's ready for the next decade. Lit cigars fit magnificently into the glistening crystal. Light shimmers off the sleek and sexy crystal.

This crystal ashtray features a beveled bottom that will sit nicely on any office desk or coffee table. These ashtrays measure 6 inches wide, 6 inches long and 1 inch high. Each comes in a gift box that has the inside laced in a yellow cushion to protect it.

Sleek and sexy, this square shaped ashtray has a beveled bottom and is a nice compliment for the avid cigar aficionado. With four cigar grooves, it's ready for your next cigar party. A windproof deep dish will keep all the ashes in place. It is fully backed by our full satisfaction money-back guarantee so buy with confidence.