Cuban Copy Compare to Cohiba Lanceros™ Cigars 7 1/2 X 38 in Box of 20 Box of 20


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Product Description

Cuban Copy Compare to Cohiba Lanceros™ cigars from Habana, Cuba are Lancero size cigars with smooth flavor that exudes a great combination of strength and straightforward tobacco flavor. Its construction will leave you wondering if it is to smoke or to admire. We took prime premium Cuban-seed Habano tobacco and blended it in order to copy the precise look and taste of the Cohiba Lancero™ cigar from Cuba.

Even though Cuban Copy cigars are not made in Cuba, you'll be convinced that they look and taste exactly the same but without the exorbitant high price. The depth of flavor and aroma will astound you. Cuban Copy Compare to Cohiba Lanceros 52™ 7 1/2 inches long with a ring gauge of 38. 20 Cuban Copy Compare to Cohiba Lanceros™are hand packed in a cedar box.

Cuban Copy cigars are handmade to duplicate the exact look and taste of Cuban cigars. They are made by Cuban trained master cigar makers that formerly worked in the factory that makes the originals in Cuba. Top quality long-filler tobacco is combined with a premium binder and wrapper to replicate the unique qualities of the originals. Smoking them is like smoking the originals, but at incredible savings.