Cuban Crafters Cabinet Selection Torpedo Cigar 6 X 54


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Product Description

Cabinet Selection Torpedo Cigars are handmade by experienced professionals. Each cigar has a sun-grown Cuban-Seed Habano tobacco filler. The Binder is a Habano 2000. It’s all bound by a flawless dark Cuban-Seed Habano Wrapper leaf from Ecuador. They are delicately finished with a curly head typical of the cigars originally made in Cuba many years ago. This is a handmade for the real aficionado who enjoys an intensely flavorful cigar that has well balanced floral flavors, leather undertones, hints of spices and nuts. It ends with whispers of coffee and chocolate.

The Torpedos make you reminisce the times when cigars made in the Island of Cuba were the finest anywhere. Each cigar is beautifully handcrafted by master rollers. It is box pressed, silky and finished the way they used to be. The cap and foot is that of a traditional puro. As in the time-honored cuban puros of the past, each tobacco leaf is hand picked and selected solely on its capability to improve the taste and fine traits. The delicate leaves are then cured and aged through an extensive fermentation and aging process.

After three years and five curing fermentations, the leaves are transformed into these delightful cigars at the hands of these trained artisans. Smoking one is a unique experience. The draw is effortless, yet firm. It burns perfectly and evenly, leaving a long and clean white ash behind. The exceptional complex taste is intensely flavorful and full bodied. It is the experience that fine smoking should be. The Torpedo has a large ring size of 54 and is 6” long.