Cuban Crafters Capriano Portable Humidors Bordeux Leather 8 Cigar Case


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Product Description

Cuban Crafters 8 cigar cases Capriano are portable humidors that keep your cigars in perfect condition. They're handcrafted with smooth bordeaux leather and have a natural cedar interior. It's all complemented with matching sturdy hand stitching. The Capriano hard cases hold up to 8 of your best cigars in an environment that resembles a humidor. The case is extremely well made and the leather’s finish is smooth with a gentle shine. The fine details are exquisite and it is made to last a lifetime. Just like fine Italian shoes, this hard cigar case gets better with use.

The cigar case holds up to 8 cigars of any length and girth, including Torpedos and big cigars with ring gauges up to 60. Each one comes draped in a handsome cotton storage pouch.

Cuban Crafters™ Cigar Cases are handcrafted from the finest Italian leathers. Each Capriano case is elegant and made by a master craftsman using old world ways, by pounding leather over steel forms to obtain the contoured shape. Their high standards are visible in the fine, sturdy stitching and skillfully finished smooth interior and exterior. These cigar cases are portable humidors that shield your cigars from environmental elements, performing as a portable humidor in protecting cigars.

They are specifically hand made to enhance your cigar smoking pleasure. While the cases are big enough to hold cigars of all ring gauges, they are small enough to easily fit in your pocket when you travel. They are the highest performers in the industry and at these factory direct discount prices, are very affordable. The cases are backed by the Cuban Crafters full satisfaction money-back guarantee.