Cuban Crafters Cigar Honey Flavored Petite Cigars 4 X 30 - Tin of 10


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Product Description

This delicious petit Honey cigar is handmade with premium Dominican tobacco wrapped around smooth and aromatic honey flavored pipe tobacco. Premium pipe tobacco is soaked in pure and natural honey flavorings and then hand rolled inside long-filler tobacco.

The natural taste of honey and sweet tobacco blend together to provide a uniquely enjoyable smoking experience. Whether during a a break or after a meal, you'll enjoy every inch of it. These honey flavored cigars are sweet and flavored to perfection. Petit honey cigars are 4 inches long and have a ring gauge of 30.

There's an art to making honey flavored cigars totally by hand. Rene, a Cuban cigar maker with many years of experience has it down pat. Years ago he opened a factory in the Dominican Republic where all he does is produce these flavorful sticks. He starts with aged long-filler premium tobacco, the same used in some of the world's best cigars. He takes fully cured and seasoned pipe tobacco, full of rich honey taste and aroma, and carefully rolls it in these tobacco leaves.

The result is a taste that can only be described as delightful. It's sweet, rich and exactly what you expect from a world-class cigar. That's why smokers are willing to pay about $3 for each of his flavored cigars at retail stores throughout the country. He needed some of our premium tobacco so we took advantage and traded it with him for cigars. We got a great deal and are passing the savings on to you.