Davidoff Yamasa Piramide Cigar. 52 X 6 1/8. Box of 12


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Product Description

A pioneer, an explorer and discoverer, Zino Davidoff was all of these and more. Our Master Blender, Henke Kelner embodies that same daring spirit today. His pursuit to bring the cigar aficionado new tastes, experiences and pleasures, led Henke and his team to the Yamasa region of the Dominican Republic.

Everyone said it couldn’t be done. Henke’s dream said that it could.

Introducing the Davidoff Yamasa Series. Yamasa is a region untapped, with ideal climate, soil rich in minerals but lacking pH count. Henke and his team would further enrich the soil, raising the pH levels suitable for growing tobacco.

This exciting cigar presents the aficionado with an appetizing appearance, in color, shine and oiliness. Davidoff Yamasa Piramide immediately introduces notes of spice, leading to notes of nut, coffee, cedar wood, earth and black pepper. The elegant, aged Dominican filler tobaccos, the strong Yamasa binder and sophisticated Yamasa wrapper, complimented by the sweetness of the Condega and spiciness of the Esteli filler tobaccos. All of this combined perfectly to provide an entirely new, stimulating taste experience.