Don Pepin Blue Edition Petite Cigar 4 1/2 X 32 Cabinet of 30 Cigars


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Product Description

The Don Pepin Garcia Blue Edition Demi-Tasse is a Nicaraguan puro that features a corojo wrapper, a criollo binder, and a mix of criollo and corojo in the filler. The cinnamon brown corojo wrapper, wrapped into a Cuban-style triple cap is silky smooth to the touch despite appearing a bit veiny. Don Pepin was born in a small town in the Villa Clara province of Cuba. He has since become one of the finest master rollers the cigar industry has ever seen. Beginning his journey in the tobacco industry, Pepin worked in a family owned factory at the age of 11. He worked there for forty years, producing cigars at the Felix Rodriguez export cigar factory in Baez. In 2001, he left Cuba for Miami, Florida, where he quickly established his own company and factory. El Rey de los Habanos is the company in which Don Pepin is the Master-Blender, as well as the President and CEO. His goal is to recreate Cuban cigars as closely as possible, without using actual Cuban tobacco. He employs quality Nicaraguan tobacco, and the majority of his cigars are medium-full bodied. Don Pepin is also famous for the flavor of his cigars, as well as the triple cap finish that all of his vitolas contain. The 4 1/2 inch by 32 petite features a cornucopia of flavor. Pepper, leather, clove, coffee, cedar, and earth were all apparent in the Demi-Tasse. Adding to the complex blend was a bitter-sweet chocolate finish. the draw is easy and the light gray ash is sturdy. This cigar produced an abundant amount of aromatic smoke. Overall, the Don Pepin Garcia Blue Demi-Tasse is an impressive smoke, blending Nicuraguan tobacco into a rich, complex, Cuban-like flavor. Don Pepin Garcia Blue Edition Demi-Tasse cigars come packed 30 to a cedar box, uncelloed.