Drew Estate Undercrown Belicoso Liga Privada 6 X 52 Box of 25 Cigars


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Drew Estate Undercrown Belicoso is a prominent success to the vast growing line of Liga Privada cigars. Liga Privada was originally privately produced for Drew Estate's execs. The private line was too good to keep to themselves so they released it to much success. Drew Estate Undercrown is handmade with the same exact blend of Cuban seed tobaccos from Nicaragua, Honduras but the wrapper is a rich and oily dark San Andres Morron. Hand made by select artisans in La Gran Fabrica of Esteli, Nicaragua, these exclusive Belicoso cigars are of the highest quality. It's what you would expect from Drew Estate. The Undercrown Belicoso has a length of 6 inches and a ring gauge of 52. 25 Belicoso cigars are handpacked in a box.

Drew Estate took the world by storm with their highly-rated Liga Privada Cigars. Unfortunately the supply has struggled to keep up with the enormous demand. In an attempt to cut each of the cigar roller's allotment of Liga Privada cigars, Undercrown was born. Drew Estate began rolling cigars made with the identical binder of Liga Privada and the identical long-filler tobacco. The only difference was that a dark San Andres Morron wrapper was used instead of the Connecticut Broadleaf Ligero.

Drew Estate cigars are as unique and amazing as the individuals who created them. They have maintained a steady stream of new and interestingly unique cigars.

FULL. A full bodied tobacco taste with oak, notes of leather and touches of pepper, as well as tones of raisins, citrus and dark chocolate.