Exodus Cigars Churchill Limited Reserve Connecticut 7 1/2 X 50 Box of 25

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Product Description

Exodus Cigar Churchill Limited Reserve Connecticut were handmade in the Dominican Republic in 2007 with a unique blend of triple-cured Dominican and Nicaraguan long-filler tobacco. The aged tobacco is bound in a Dominican grown Cuban-seed Piloto leaf binder and an Ecuador grown Connecticut-seed wrapper.

Aged for almost 5 years, these cigars are at their prime and produce a mild to medium-bodied smooth taste with breezes of sweet tobacco, nuts, cedar and mild baking spices. They previously sold for $6 each but at Cuban Crafters you get them for a fraction of that price. Each Exodus Cigars Churchill is 7 1/2 inches long and have a ring gauge of 50. 25 Limited Reserve cigars are hand-packed in a cedar box.

Exodus Limited Reserve Cigars were exclusively sold throughout the sunny Caribbean Islands, where they were a big hit. Both the tourists and locals bought them up. They competed with Cuban made cigars and sold extremely well at $6 each because of their quality and taste.

The owners of the company expanded production accordingly but they didn't foresee the economic downturn. Sales slowed and they couldn't pay their bills. We were lucky to be at the right place at the right time and purchased the complete inventory at bargain prices. We're now passing our luck on to you. Take advantage and get these tasty Exodus cigars at pennies on the dollar.