Full Bodied Cigar Grab Bag 5 Branded Handmade Premium Cigars and Cutter


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Product Description

Grab Bag of 5 full-bodied top-brand premium handmade cigars and a Cuban Crafters resin guillotine cigar cutter. In our huge walk-in humidor, as well as in our stores, we have top-brand premium cigars that for one reason or another don't sell well. It's not because the cigars aren't great, it's the result of many other factors; the maker discontinued the line as they ran out of the tobacco needed for the blend, the brand is a boutique brand and not well known in the area, the box is ugly, the band is not impressive, or simply because it was placed in a low-visibility location on the shelf. When any of these happen the box is moved into exile, usually half full, where it's forgotten. 

We took these fantastic long-filler, branded cigars and packaged them in cello bags. Because some of the makers prohibit us from discounting their cigars, we can't tell you all the brands that you'll get, but we guarantee you that you'll be pleasantly surprised. We can also tell you that included is a Medina 1959 Miami Edition Oscuro cigar and that every cigar in the bag retails in Miami for at least $6, some for up to $12 each. If you buy 2 or more Grab Bags, you get an additional 10% off. Grab the bag while you can, as they will sell out quickly!  

We're so sure you'll fully enjoy the cigars in the full-bodied Grab Bag that the first one is on us. We're backing them up with the extended Cuban Crafters Full Satisfaction Money-Back Guarantee. Smoke one and if you're not absolutely delighted, send the rest back for a full refund of the merchandise price.