Glass Ashtray Multi-Color Glass Cigar Ashtray 4 Cigars Gift Box


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Product Description

Colores glass ashtray is best described as elegant and modern. This glass cigar ashtray features four cigar grooves and a windproof deep dish in the middle that allows the cigars to maintain balance and keeps the ashes where they belong. When you look at this ashtray it starts to mesmerize you with the full spectrum of colors. The light ricochets off the crystal and spreads the colors throughout the ashtray.

This is one of the absolute nicest cigar ashtrays available. The thick, gorgeous glass crystal will compliment any office or room. These cigar ashtrays measure 6 inches wide, 6 inches long and 1 inch high. Each ashtray comes in a gift box with the inside laced in a yellow stain cushion to protect it.

Colores square shaped multi-colored crystal glass ashtray is the true definition of elegance. The spectrum of colors is highlighted by the deep ash dish and four cigar grooves. Made from thick, gorgeous glass crystal, it is sure to be a conversation piece in your office, home or any room. It is fully backed by our full satisfaction money-back guarantee so buy with confidence.