Hand Made Cigar Drew Estate Tabak Especial 5 X 50 Box of 24 Cigars


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Product Description

Tabak Especial is another line of infused premium cigars produced by Drew Estate. Balanced, blended and infused to perfection, this blend is a perfect example of true excellence that only Drew Estate can bring you. This highly anticipated cigar is everything it promises to be and more, and that says a lot considering it comes from the originator of the premium Coffee Infused Market and makers of such successful brands as Mayora coffee Infused, Kahlua Cigars and Java. Tabak Especial is infused with dark roasted, fair trade Nicaraguan coffee that is sure to please all your caffeine induced dreams.

Drew Estate is a standard when looking for premium infused cigars. The infusions they create are exotic and sought after by many. The tobacco blends used are unique to each cigar. The artisans pay very close attention to detail and quality with every cigar they roll, giving you hand made excellence in every box.

MEDIUM. From the specially blended Nicaraguan long leaf tobaccos and exotic blend of flavors, Tabak Especial is a truly unique experience that only the geniuses at Drew Estate can come up with. Upon lighting, you are greeted with earthy tones and hints of cedar. Moments after, you start to notice a deep expresso aroma with a creme de cocoa taste that is followed by notes of a slightly nutty cream.

The draw is amazing, giving you huge amounts of dense creamy smoke with little effort. The Tabak Especial line is offered with a shaggy foot that allows the filler and binder to be savored independently. A truly unique experience that defines the absolute brilliance that goes into conceiving each Tabak Especial cigar. The Tabak Especial Balada Perfecto Negra has a length of 5 inches and a ring gauge of 50.