It's A Boy Cigars - It's 420s A Totally Unique Cigar Smoking Experience - You Know What Time It Is - Mild Torpedo - Box of 25


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420 MARLEY It's a Boy, BECAUSE YOU KNOW WHAT TIME IT IS. It's a totally unique cigar smoking experience reserved for the adventuresome, now with its a boy cigar band. 420 it's a boy cigars are perfect torpedo size cigars. Even the box has the celebration theme. Handing them to your friends in honor of the newborn boy is a great tradition. Mild 420 Marley cigars enhances the experience. The cigars are hand made in small batches and in limited quantities with sun grown and extremely aged Cuban-Seed Habano tobacco fillers from the rich fields of Tabacalera Esteli. The Binder is a perfect burning Sumatra and the Wrapper is a premium and sweet tasting Mata Fina from Brazil. Boy...This combination produces clouds of delightful smoke and flavor.

The 420 Marley cigar is 6" long with a ring gague of 54. Each box has 25 hand-packed cigars.

Its a boy so celebrate with the inspiring and extraordinary 420 cigars. They provide a powerhouse of taste and relaxation. The 420 is made with flavorful hand selected tobacco. The leaves are skillfully cured by artisans and then aged. They are then hand rolled into these fine cigars by skilled master cigar rollers. They make them in small batches and with special attention to each and every detail. 420 is raising the bar. They are fully backed by the exclusive Cuban Crafters Full Satisfaction Guarantee.