La Caya Cabinet Selection Torpedo Cigars - Vintage Mild Connecticut Shade-Grown - 6 1/2 X 52 - Box of 25


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Product Description

La Caya Cabinet Selection Torpedo cigars are mild and with all the delightful tastes you get from extremely aged tobacco. Cabinet Selection Torpedo are handmade with a blend of extremely aged Dominican Piloto and Nicaraguan Habano long-fillers, all wrapped in an aged Dominican Cuban-seed Piloto binder and a Claro Connecticut shade-grown wrapper.

This combination of aged tobacco provides a mild smoke with a rich and smooth clean taste with cedar and toasted nuts notes and nutmeg undertones. Throughout the taste is smooth and mellow. After they were skillfully handmade these Torpedo cigars were extensively aged in a cedar lined aging room before being hand-packed in cedar cabinet boxes of 25 cigars.

For the price, there's nothing that even comes close. We guarantee it with our full satisfaction money-back guarantee. Smoke one and if it's not everything we claim, send the rest back for a full refund. We'll even give you a refund for the cigar you smoked. Cabinet Selection Torpedo are 6 1/2 inches long with a ring gauge of 52. 25 are hand-packed in a cedar cabinet box.

La Caya has been making cigars in the Cibao tobacco region of the Dominican Republic since 1997. While they're a well known cigar maker in the industry, they're not well known to cigar smokers. That's because they usually make cigars for other cigar companies, under the company's own brands. Many of their hand made cigars have earned top ratings and praise. A few years ago they decided to take their best tobacco and make a limited amount of ultra-premium cigars under their own La Caya brand.

Only a few boxes made it out to the stores and a limited group of cigar aficionados. Even Smoke Magazine loved these, giving them a 92 rating. After the cigars were extensively aged we bought their whole inventory. We got a great deal and are passing the saving on to you.