Large Ashtrays Cubano Oro Black Cigar Ashtray Bakelite 4 Cigars


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Product Description

Large ashtrays. Cuban Crafters Cubano Oro black cigar ashtray is made of durable, heat resistant bakelite and makes a perfect accent piece for any indoor or outdoor table. They have a large windproof center for the ashes and four cigar slots ready for you and your friends to enjoy a nice and relaxing smoke. It features a deep onyx black finish with gold accent stripes down the cigar slots and a metallic gold center in the dish. A felt lined bottom allows you to place it on your best furniture without having to worry about sliding and scratches. These large cigar ashtrays have a windproof deep dish in the middle that allows the cigars to maintain balance and keeps the ashes where they need to be. The round corners on the square shaped ashtray make it one of the most aesthetically appealing large ashtrays on the market. This big, black ashtray measures 6 inches wide, 6 inches long and 1 inch high. Each ashtray comes in a box.

Cuban Crafters bakelite black ashtrays are heat and scratch resistant. They are suitable for indoor or outdoor use and are specifically designed for cigar smokers. With gold accents, this ashtray has all the features smokers demand, and makes the perfect companion for cigar smokers. They are fully guaranteed and are Cuban Crafters quality products.