Liga Privada T52 Toro Stalk Cut Habano 152MM X 52 Box of 24 Cigars


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Product Description

Liga Privada T52 Toros are handmade by Drew Estate in their La Gran Fabrica of Esteli, Nicaragua. Originally Liga Privada cigars were produced for Drew Estate's execs, but this private line was too good to keep to themselves.

Hand made by select artisans, these exclusive T52 stalk-cut Toro cigars are of the highest quality, which is what you expect from Drew Estate. They feature a blend of aged Cuban-seed tobacco from seven different farms in Nicaragua and Honduras. The long-fillers are in a zesty Brazilian leaf and wrapped in a T-52  U.S. grown stalk cut Habano-seed oscuro wrapper. The result is more intense flavors and richer in oils. The smoke teems with creamy flavors of wood, espresso, peppery spices and sweet tobacco. This unique blend provides a bold and complex taste, and a bouquet that will want everyone around you wanting to know how they can get one of those cigars.

It's a full-bodied super-premium cigar that's silky smooth from start to finish. Liga Privada T52 cigars offer a pure and satisfying tobacco experience. The Liga Privada T52 stalk-cut Toro has a length of 152mm and a ring gauge of 52. Each box brings 24 cigars. Cuban Crafters is an authorized dealer of Drew Estate Liga Privada. You're guaranteed real and fresh cigars.

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Liga Privada is Drew Estate's finest cigar line and competes worlwide against the best Cubans. With extraordinary high ratings, Liga Privada T52 Cigars are now in the humidors of most serious cigar smokers. This Edicion Limitada is on allocation so take advantage while we have them in stock.