Medina 1959 Miami Edition Cigar Tube Sampler Churchill and 2 Robusto in Tubes


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Medina 1959 Miami Edition Churchill & 2 Robustos, each in individual Cigar Tube. 3 aged Medina 1959 Miami Edition cigars are hand-packed in cedar lined aluminum cigar tubes and ready for your enjoyment. These limited edition Cigars are personally handmade by cigar legend Manuel Medina at the Cuban Crafters Miami cigar factory. Medina is considered one of the world's best cigar makers. His 1959 Miami Edition Cigar has that special and elegant taste that only pre-1959 Cuban cigars had. That's because Manuel Medina knows cigars. He's a legend in the history of Cuban cigars. From the dry Cuban-seed tobacco bunching to the precise blending of different tobacco leaves, this cigar boasts quality and elegance. While it's beautiful to look it, it's even better to smoke. 

The mild to medium bodied smoke is filled with delightful tastes of toasted nuts, mild spices and smooth waves of butterscotch with sweet malt cream that coat your mouth and keeps you hoping it never ends. They can only be compared to the pre-Castro Cuban cigars that magically grabbed your attention at the start and kept you satisfied until the very end. The Cuban-seed Habano long-filler and binder are aged for 6 years and the super-premium Cuban-seed wrapper is aged for at least 5 years. This combination of tobacco was blended by Manuel Medina to match the exact taste of the cigars he rolled at the H. Upmann and Davidoff factory in Cuba. Each Churchill is 7 inches long with a large ring gauge of 50 and each Robusto is 5 inches long with a ring gauge of 50. Every cigar has its own register number and is hand-packed in a cedar wrap, and then into an aluminum cigar tube to preserve its rich taste. The 3 tubes are handpacked in cello bag.

1959 was a year of luxurious self-indulgence, romance and when Fidel Castro changed the course of history in Cuba.cigar-rolling-cigars-medina.jpgIt was also when Medina started rolling cigars. He eventually became one of the most celebrated Master Rollers in Cuba. Manuel Medina played a formidable role in Cuba's cigar history. He started as a roller at the H. Upmann factory in Cuba. His talents were quickly recognized and he eventually became the factory's Master Cigar Maker, overseeing hundreds of master cigar rollers.

He was then promoted and became the Master Cigar Maker in Cuba's Davidoff factory. His talents were showcased throughout Europe, leading him to travel extensively. During one of those trips, he decided to seek freedom instead of success. Medina made Miami, Florida his new home. He is now in charge of cigar production at Cuban Crafters' Miami factory. Some of the Master Rollers who make the Medina 1959 Miami Edition cigars even worked for him in Cuba. 

Medina 1959 Miami Edition re-creates the pre-Castro Cuban cigars, when Cubans were considered the best in the world. These cigars are unquestionably captivating. Each one is hand made by decorated Cuban born roller Manuel Medina in Miami. They exemplify the talents and skills of this life-long cigar maker. They prove that Medina continues to make cigars with magical qualities.