Metal Ashtrays Stinky Standup Stainless Steel Brown Metal Cigar Ashtray for 4 Cigars


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Product Description

The Stinky Standing Cigar Ashtray is the freestanding version of the original tabletop Stinky 4 stirrup ashtray. Its wind resistant deep bowl structure keeps cigar butts and ash contained. Smokers can enjoy cigars all evening long without the need to continuously empty the ashtray. This beautiful brown metal ashtray has 4 cigar ctirrups and a deep bowl design that accommodates large amounts of ash, butts and debris without obstructing lit cigars when they're placed on the metal stirrups.

It features a windproof deep dish so ashes stay where they are supposed to, and it has a wide slot for holding cigars of every ring gauge. The shiny polished metal will compliment any room, office or table. Stinky Standing Cigar ashtray has a 8 1/2" Diameter Bowl, 24" in height and the base measures at 10" in diameter. 

These stainless steel metal ashtrays compliment the cigar smoker's office, home or room. The ashtray is designed to hold one cigar of any ring gauge and has a deep dish to hold the ashes.