Mexican Cigar Ornelas Robusto English Market Selection Cedar Wrapped 4 1/2 X 50 Box of 25 Cigars


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Product Description

Mexican cigar Ornelas Robusto were handmade in Mexico with the best Mexican tobacco, blended with Nicaraguan and Dominican Cuban-seed long-fillers. It is all wrapped in a natural sun-grown Cuban seed leaf. The cigar is then surrounded by individual cedar tubes before it's packed in a cedar box. Not only beautiful to look at, this Mexican cigar smokes perfectly and tastes even better. It's the combination of prime tobacco, cedar and extensive aging that makes it so good. They are mild to medium-bodied and have a smooth natural tobacco taste with notes of licorice, cream and cedar.

Here's a little secret, these cigars were handmade over 8 year ago. They've been aging in the box since then. When was the last time you had a cigar with 8 years of aging on them? You'd think we'd charge more for them but we found these gems in the humidor of a cigar company that owed us money. They have been in the perfect aging environment all this time so we took all of them, and at prices less than their original wholesale price.

We're passing the saving on to you, but we don't have too many in stock. Ornelas Robusto are 4 1/2 inches long and have a 50 ring gauge. Each has a cedar tube and 25 are hand-packed in a cedar box. Ornelas Cigars has been making fine premium cigars in Mexico for over 60 years. Handmade using aged imported tobacco from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, and then blending it with prime Mexican tobacco gives their cigars that taste that you will enjoy.