Miami Mafia Boss Churchill Cigars Mild 7 X 50 Cuban Style Box of 20


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Product Description

Miami Mafia Boss Churchill cigars are the result of a few of Miami's finest cigar makers getting together to come up with one great cigar. After tasting different blends of tobacco they all agreed on this one. It's a cigar you can't refuse. Miami Mafia Boss Churchill is smooth and elegant. It starts with a sweet, creamy tobacco taste. It has floral and earthy tones with undertones of anisette and cedar. It's taste will keep you wanting more and more. Now for the blend.

It's all premium Cuban-seed long-fillers from Nicaragua and the Dominican Republic, in a sun-grown Cuban-seed wrapper. We didn't dare ask for more details as they said it was a secret and if they told us they'd have to.....well you know what they said. Boss Churchill is 7 inches long with a 50 ring gauge. 20 cigars are hand-packed in a Cuban style box.

We knew that these cigars are special when one of Miami's top cigar makers, who buys our prime Cuban-seed Nicaraguan tobacco, came in and said "you wanna play rough? Well say hello to my little friend." It was the result of a group of cigar makers in Miami getting together over a game of domino. Delicious is not a word usually used to describe cigars, but in this case it was appropriate. They created a cigar that was only to be sold in Miami cigar stores. Since many outside of Miami claim that cigar makers in Miami band together like the Mafia, they called them Miami Mafia.

Handmade in limited quantities, they sell for $6 to $8 per cigar in the stores. They needed more of our prized tobacco so we got more of their boxes than anyone else in Miami. Enjoy them while they're available.