Montecristo Artisan Series Toro Cigar 54 X 6 -Pack of 4


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Product Description

This cigar comes in only one vitola – a toro that measures 6″ long x 54 ring gauge. Construction features a nice, chunky what appeared to be triple cap and good construction.

The first inch or so dominated by a big blast of cayenne pepper spice and pushing full body. This died down and mellowed out into a medium-to-full musty aged tobacco with a dry cocoa powder undertone and texture. This mellowed out into more of a cream flavor into the 2nd third and bringing in a slight caramel and coffee. This then transitioned by bringing the coffee more to the forefront and a dialing down of the cream. Nearing the end the dry cocoa powder texture and flavor returned as well as a little bit of the cayenne heat.

Packaged in specially made wooden boxes of 15, only 40,000 of these cigars have been made