Petit Corona Cubano Claro - 5 Inches X 42 Ring Gauge - Vintage Cedar Humidor Box of 20



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Product Description

Petit Corona Cubano Claro are handmade with our best Cuban-seed long-filler from the Cupido tobacco field, all enveloped in a Connecticut Desflorado wrapper. Desflorado tobacco is some of the best and most expensive available anywhere. The tobacco requires constant vigilance and when the buds are ready to flower they are cut off, giving the tobacco an extra rich and smooth taste. The leaves from the Corona, the crown on the top of the tree, are then hand selected for these very special Petit Corona cigars. Each Cubano Claro Petit Corona is hand made by our best Cuban trained rollers. While the process is long and laborious, once you taste them and see their perfect construction, you will say that it's worth it.

The Cubano Claro Petit Corona starts with a medium body taste that is sophisticated and full of sweet spices and toasted nuts. It then builds fuller in body with smooth and creamy notes of coffee, sweet layers of nutmeg and tinges of butter. The finish is full of complex tastes surrounded by light layers of white chocolate. These cigars are so special that we packaged them in vintage cedar humidor boxes. A very special box for very special cigars. Petit Corona are 5 inches long with a ring gauge of 42. They are hand packaged in a cedar box of 20 cigars.

Cubano Claro is our latest release. Over 4 years in the making, these world class cigars are extremely aged and hand made in very limited quantities. We guarantee you that after smoking one they will become your favorite. We'll even go as far as to guarantee that you'll immediately want another, and the only disappointment will be when you reach the nub because you know the experience is about to finish. To complement the Petit Corona, we packaged them in vintage cedar humidor boxes. These limited edition boxes are as beautiful as the cigars.