Petit Robusto Cigars Don Carbone Little Cigars Cuban-Seed Handmade 3 1/2 X 36 (Tin of 5)


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Product Description

PETIT CIGARS are Mini Robusto with the rich taste of big cigars. Don Carbone Robusto Petit Cigars are loaded with flavor from start to finish. It is a short smoke that will have you thinking that you are smoking a full size Robusto cigar. Each Petit is completely handmade at Tabacalera Esteli with premium aged Cuban-seed tobacco. It has a mild and smooth fine tobacco taste that will fully satisfy. They are not flavored and their sweet tobacco taste is the result of careful curing and aging.

Don Carbone Petit Robusto Tin brings 5 hand rolled cigars. Each cigar is 3 1/2 inches long with a ring gauge of 36. From the hands of the finest Cuban Roller comes these mini Robusto. Don Carbone mini Robustos are handmade with the finest Cuban seed tobacco. The tobacco is then hand rolled into these fine cigars by highly trained Cuban cigar rollers. A masterpiece takes time to make and when you taste them, you will understand the effort put into each and every one of them.