Premium Cigars Vegas De Tabacalera Esteli - Cigar Retailer Special - Churchill - Cedar Box of 25 - 7 x 52


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Product Description

Cuban Crafters Cigars is a retailer featuring cigars from Tabacalera Esteli. VEGAS de TABACALERA ESTELI Churchill Cigar is skillfully hand made by the Master Rollers of Tabacalera Esteli with individually hand selected tobacco leaves from their own rich fields in Esteli, Nicaragua. The Filler is a triple-cured and aged Cuban-Seed Habano 2000 tobacco. The Binder and Wrapper are aged Cuban-Seed Habano Criollo, also harvested from their own fields.

Each leaf is especially hand selected to compliment this smooth and mellow blend of tobaccos. These Churchill cigars are 7” long and have a large ring gauge of 52. The special cigar boxes contain 25 enjoyable smokes and are handmade with fine cedar. As the exclusive retailer and wholesaler, you are always guaranteed a fresh, top quality cigar from Cuban Crafters Cigars.

After many years of making some of the world’s finest cigars, Tabacalera Esteli finally created one that they proudly named after their treasured tobacco fields (called Vegas in Spanish). The small patch of dark soil in which Tabacalera Esteli has their Vegas is as rich as the finest fields in Cuba. That’s what makes these cigars so extraordinary.

Made in small batches and with special attention to details, VEGAS de TABACALERA ESTELI is a fine boutique premium cigar with a rich but mellow and smooth taste. Each cigar is meticulously made by the finest Master Rollers. They are not only delicious and enjoyable, but also affordable, especially at our discount prices. Buy them at a cigar retailer or directly from Cuban Crafters.

MEDIUM BODIED. Their distinguished taste is described by aficionados as medium bodied with a well balanced creamy floral flavor and hints of cedar and leather.