Tony Alvarez Tomahawk Salomon Cigar 6 3/4 X 56. Pack of 4


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Product Description

Tony Alvarez Barber Tomahawk cigar with is a special cigar that has a unique look and taste. Hand made with rich Nicaraguan Cuban-seed Habano tobacco, the double wrapper alternates between rich sun grown Cuban-seed Habano and tasty connecticut shade-grown wrappers. Their mild to medium bodied taste also changes as you smoke it. It will then transform to naturally sweet tobacco with a hint of wood, licorice and raw cinnamon.

This long-filler premium Salomon offers something for every smoker. Tony Alvarez hand made them in Nicaragua just for you, the serious cigar smoker who wants something special and tasty. Smooth all the way through, the Tony Alvarez Tomahawk Salomon cigar is 6 3/4 inches long with a ring gauge of 56. 4 premium doble capa Salomon cigars are hand-packed.

Tony Alvarez is a Cuban Master cigar maker. Have one of his cigars and you will immediately recognize that he is an expert. He grew tobacco and hand rolled perfect cigars in Cuba for Monte Cristo, Romeo y Julieta and Cohiba. He then fled Cuba and while in Miami, Florida rolled for Don Tito, La Gloria Cubana and eventually started his own company. After selling his interest in that cigar company he went to Esteli, Nicaragua and opened his own small factory. His cigars are all totally made by hand, and many he makes himself. Tony only uses the best wrappers, binders and fillers.

As in the traditional Cuban cigar factory, cigars do not leave his factory until he personally inspects them. They are all top-shelf cigars. That is the only way that Tony knows how to make them.

MILD TO MEDIUM-BODIED. Their complex taste changes as you smoke them. You'll enjoy flavorful cedar notes and mild cooking spices, with a touch of anisette. The taste will then transform to naturally sweet tobacco with hints of wood, licorice and raw cinnamon.