Unique Cigar Shapes - Cupido Criollo Corto Cigars - 25 In Cedar Box - 4 1/2 Inches X 56 Ring Gauge


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UNIQUE CIGAR SHAPES. CUPIDO CRIOLLO cigars are top rated. Cupido Criollo Corto have a unique cigar shape, they are box-pressed beauties. They are the original boutique premium cigars that have won so many awards throughout the world. Produced using perfectly aged Cuban-seed habano long leaf binder and filler, Corto are wrapped in ultra premium Criollo wrappers that have a dark and smooth silky sheen. Smoking a shaped Cupido Corto is an experience not to be missed by any serious cigar lover. You can see and feel the extra care and skill it took to make it. When smoking it you will notice the clouds of smoke with a unique medium to full-body taste that can not be compared to any other premium cigar available.

All the Cuban seed tobacco used in each Corto is from the Cupido Vegas, a small tobacco field in Esteli, Nicaragua that yields extra rich tobacco. Every cigar is individually rolled by the expert hands of the traditional Torcedores of Tabacalera Esteli. Corto cigars come in handcrafted Cedar boxes, made from the finest cedar available in the mountains of Nicaragua. Each top rated Cupido Criollo Corto Cigar is 4 1/2 inches long with a ring gauge of 56. Every cedar box is numbered and contains 25 cigars. It is also dated with the packing date and signed by all the cigar artisans that created these works of art. Only 9,000 boxes are made yearly for the worldwide market.

After a few years out of the market, Cupido is back. Cupido Criollo is unique in its ability to provide flavor, smoothness and consistency. Their taste is as impressive as the ratings. From the Top Medium Bodied Cigar in America Award to being voted the Boutique Premium Cigar of the Year for two consecutive years. Cupido is an elite cigar that received a Highly Recommended rating from Smoke Magazine. Puff the Magic of Cupido Criollo and see why it's a cigar for the true aficionado. With its unique cigar shape, Corto will delight you. Each signed and numbered Box contains a true representation of the fine art of old world cigar making.