Vintage Ashtray Design Marble Cigar Ashtrays with Curved Holder Gift Box


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Product Description

Each Cuban Crafters vintage ashtray is crafted from a solid piece of natural cloud stone. These exclusive cigar ashtrays are perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Made one at a time using old world ways, each ashtray is hand polished until it is smooth and shiny. Experienced artisans labor a full day just to finish one ashtray.

With a groove to hold your cigar and a smooth and shiny finish that is guaranteed for life, the unique and exclusive vintage design is great for cigar smokers. Exotic Cloud stone marble has a mildly blue tint with dark and white veins that complement any room. Waterproof, flame proof, heat proof and scratch resistant are some of the fine qualities of this natural cloud stone marble ashtray. The stylish vintage ashtray design makes it functional and exotic. It is packed in an elegant satin-lined gift box.

Ultra elegant and functionally designed, each Cuban Crafters Cloud stone marble ashtray is a one of a kind beauty. Handmade to last a lifetime, these ashtrays will perform and impress. Whether placed in your living room, office, conference room or outdoor, they will enhance the environment and provide a lifetime of use. Cuban Crafters guarantees it and backs it up with a full satisfaction money-back guarantee.