Wood Ashtray Dos En Uno Wood Cigar Ashtray for 2 Cigars


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Product Description

Wood ashtray Dos En Uno is a beautifully handcrafted wood cigar ashtray with two polished stainless steel cigar holders and an inset tray. Accented with two stainless steel cigar rests that hold every gauge of cigars, this wood cigar ashtray features a black velvet bottom that won't scratch the surface of where you place it.

The stainless steel windproof deep dish in the middle will make sure the ashes don't fly away. The rich wood finish enhances any room and office. Dos En Uno wood ashtrays are 3 1/2 inches wide, 7 1/4 inches long and 3/4 inch high. Each come in a box.

Wood cigar ashtray Dos En Uno have a deep windproof stainless steel tray that keeps ashes in their place. They are designed for cigar smokers and hold two cigars of any ring gauge. Our factory direct prices are the lowest online and every ashtray is guaranteed for a full year, so buy with confidence.