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This Davidoff Maduro Toro cigar was launched as a limited release, Maduro follows the previous limited release Davidoff Dominicana, thus providing aficionados once again with the option for a sophisticated full-bodied cigar with a profile of pronounced sweet flavors. Davidoff matched Maduro’s cigars are created with elegant packaging, crafting new cigars in the luxury premium segment for cigar aficionados seeking a blend that is truly perfect. These special Maduro cigars are beautifully created with a high level of dedication and time-intensive process, with the resulting cigar likely to become one of the iconic Davidoff lines. Take a moment to experience the simple pleasure of Davidoff Maduro, crafted special moments in time. The first limited edition Davidoff cigar of 2024, get yours before they are gone.

What is Maduro Wrapper Tobacco?

The name maduro means “mature” in Spanish, which is cigar code for “dark colored” as the wrapper is a thick textured dark chocolate color. Because the wrapper leaf comes from the upper part of the tobacco plant, it receives the most direct sunlight compared to the lower leaves. As a result of increased photosynthesis, the leaves thus contain a significant amount of sugar. This accumulation of sugar results in a thicker texture and a uniform size, making these leaves ideal Maduro wrappers.

Compared to other leaves, the fermentation time to obtain a Maduro wrapper is doubled. 16 months of fermentation are required to reveal most of the sweet notes from a Maduro wrapper. The extensive and precise fermentation process is also the reason for the leaf’s darker color. Davidoff does not add any external heat source but only works with the temperature generated within the fermentation pile. During the process, the piles are flipped 12 times (it takes 32 hours to flip an entire Davidoff fermentation pile once). The tobacco then rests in bales for two years to further develop its aroma.

Cigar Tasting Notes

In Davidoff Maduro blend, you can taste the time that has gone into its creation. 40% of the sweet and creamy taste experience comes from the Maduro wrapper, so Davidoff puts a lot of time and effort into it. The result is a refined cigar that has a sweet taste profile, more refined and, above all, has more earthy and rich flavor. As the cigar is enjoyed, the sweetness of dark chocolate and honey plays a major role, with roasted nuts making an appearance for the grand finale.