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Cuban Crafters Travel Humidor Bags 5 Count of 5 Cigar Capacity Each

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Cuban Crafters Travel Humidor Bags 5 Count of 5 Cigar Capacity Each

Product Description

Set of 5 Cuban Crafters travel humidor bags that keep your cigars fresh and ready for up to 90 days and prevents the loss of the cigar's essential oils and flavor. Once opened the travel humidor bags will keep your cigars in the perfect environment, humidity of 65-75% RH, for 90 days. Just place your cigars in the bag, zip it up and go wherever you want.

You can even use it to keep your cigars humidified at home if you don't have a humidor. The good thing is that if you don't open the bag you can keep it for years without losing the humidity. The humidity level in the bag will stay at the appropriate levels for about 90 days after opening it. The Travel Humidor Bags measures 5 1/4 inches wide X 10 inches high so you can keep most cigar sizes well humidified.

An easy way to travel with your cigars is the travel humidor bag. It keeps your cigars fresh along your travels. Once opened, the bag will preserve your cigars in appropriate humidity conditions for 90 days. The humidity level in th bag is around 65-75%. The humidification system is a cloth sponge which is soaked with a solution containing distilled water, propylene glycol and an anti-bacterial agent.

The plastic separating the 2 compartments is a high-tech semi-permeable plastic so your cigars never get wet. This "semi-permeable" plastic only allows water vapor to penetrate to the cigar compartment and keep the cigars moist but all the while, keep the larger water molecules from entering the cigar compartment and soaking the cigars.