Humidor Humidifiers Large Brick Humidifier for Humidors - Black


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Product Description

HUMIDOR HUMIDIFIERS FOR CIGAR HUMIDORS. These large square humidifiers are made out of resin and help you keep the perfect relative humidity in your cigar humidor. They are black brick humidifiers and are replacement humidifiers for the CUBAN ORIGINAL, EXOTICA, ELEGANCE, PALACIO, HAVANA, VARADERO, CLASICO ROSA, CLASICO ROJO, PERFECTO Series, PRESIDENTE, PRESIDENTE DOS, CABINET and DISPLAY cigar Humidors by Cuban Crafters.

They also serve as replacement humidifiers for most large humidors and fit in the cigar humidifier square holes. The humidifier comes with a 3M stick-on magnet and stick-on metal strip for mounting the cigar humidifier in your humidor. The humidifiers are 6.6 inches wide, 2.5 inches in height and a .75 inch depth (from front to back).