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Country of Origin Nicaragua
Shape Robusto
Blender Padron
Strength Medium - Full
Size 5.50 x 52
Grade HLF
Color Maduro
Binder / Filler Nicaraguan / Nicaraguan
Wrapper Nicaraguan Maduro
These cigars almost need no introduction. Padrón cigars have become the industry standard, growers and makers of some of the world's most well-regarded and flavorful cigars. Amongst cigar smokers worldwide, the Padron name is held in great esteem.

The Padrón's explain their rich heritage best: "The Padrón Family understands that making a great cigar requires time and experience. Our patriarch, Damaso Padrón, began cultivating our family’s heritage in the 1800s in Pinar del Río, the richest tobacco region in Cuba. We have devoted over 125 years to perfecting our family legacy. We uphold the respect and pride of our family tradition and our name by delivering only the finest, handmade, complex cigars with the flavor of the Cuban heritage out of which the blend was born."

The Padrón Series, also known as the Padrón Thousand Series, is an all-Nicaraguan cigar blended with all sun-grown tobaccos cultivated by the Padrón family and aged two-and-one-half-years. Offered in a multitude of vitolas, the Padrón Series is one of the best cigars for the price, always meticulously constructed and medium to full-bodied.